Appendix C

Appendix C Interview Guide

Primary Research Question

What are the experiences of educators or librarians regarding the implementation of open textbooks?

The primary research question for this thesis is an inquiry into the current experiences around the implementation and adoption of open textbooks. It will also help to establish the extent to which participants who use open textbooks are immersed in the OER community. Knowing this can assist organizations and communities of practice in assisting educators and librarians towards implementing open textbooks, and possibly other open source material.


Fact Sheet

Record general, non-identifiable information about participants. Gender, age, position in company, number of years involved in company, number of years familiarity with open education.


Guiding Questions

Where did you first hear about open textbooks?

Do you remember what your first impressions of open textbooks were?

Have you ever attended a workshop on open textbooks?

What motivated you to use open textbooks?

How does your teaching philosophy intersect with using open textbooks?

How would you describe your experience in implementing open textbooks?

What do you think of the quality of open textbooks?

When you were looking through open textbooks deciding which ones to use what was the deciding factor for you?

Did you revise or remix the open textbook you decided to implement?

What sort of support is needed to make open textbooks sustainable to you for teaching and learning?




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